Monday, September 16, 2013

Oh, the things they say!


Abby: Lilah, stop lying to me!
Lilah: I am not lying... I am being tricky.

Zoe: Why do Jersome and Abby kiss on the lips and they aren't even married?!


Zoe: Mom, when are you going to get a boyfriend?
Me: I'm not. I have a husband.
Zoe: Who is he?


Abby: Joe, are you looking forward to high school?
Joe: I'm looking forward to it being over.
Abby: Aren't you excited to meet all the new girls?
Joe: Well now... that sounds like trouble.

After I had a glass of wine one night, Josiah came to give me a hug. He exclaimed, "Oh, you smell like Grandma!"

Lilah: How many colours of dragonflies are there? I have seen only blue and brown.
Micah: I have seen black ones too.
Lilah: Were they a double dragonfly? I have seen double dragonflies. That is when two are stuck together!


Zoe: Being human is so stupid.
Abby: What should we be?
Zoe: Cats and dogs.

Zoe: I want it to be Halloween in two days so I can get candy from strangers. Some strangers stay in their houses and some don't.

Zoe: Sometimes you have boyfriends, but what if you have too many? And they don't all fit in your car? Then it will explode!

Zoe: If you run onto the dock with no lifejacket and jump into the lake YOU WILL DIE!!! Then you will go up to Heaven and never come back down.


likeschocolate said...

Hilarious! How did that make you feel to be said to smell like grandma?

Paige said...

Well grandmas pretty young... So it is not too bad!

the meaklims said...

Still laughing over all Zoe's boyfriends not being able to fit into the car ~ hope she wasn't referring to the Suburban when she said that, because that would be a LOT of boyfriends to have on the go at one time! Haha!

And Joe, smart one, "that sounds like trouble!" Love it! Maybe he's been listening to Scotty McCreery's song - "the trouble with girls"


Layol McRae said...

Grandma smells ok other than the wino bit. Honestly, I'm not a lush!

Marie said...

Too funny!

Jessica said...

ha ha..cute!!!

Monica said...

This might be the funniest bunch of sayings yet! Your kids must keep you in stitches all day.